COLA Award

Cultural Affairs Department, Los Angeles, CA

"The Dove Bench"


Ladislov Sutnar Prize - 2016

Gere Kavanaugh was one of the first women who graduated from the design program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art of Michigan.  She became a pioneer of the female approach to the field previously dominated by men.  She has cooperated e.g. with architects Victor Gruen and Frank Gehry during her career.  Her work includes design of textiles, furniture, interiors, exhibitions, products and graphics, she is also an artist and a consultant.  Her love of letterforms show in the type designs she creates.  Gere Kavanaugh has been awarded the Ladislav Sutnar Prize as an appreciation of her outstanding and extensive work and also for the emphasis she puts on respecting student work copyright. 


Julie Morgan Icon Award - 2014

 Julia Morgan Icon Award, intended to recognize a bold woman and her outstanding contributions to the design industry.